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We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Our aim is to help you achieve your goals through providing quality training & with quality equipment. Below are a few comments from our clients. If you have just completed a course with us and like to give us some feedback please use the feedback form on the contact us page or call us on 01264 772041.


quoteI did my direct access only 2 yrs ago so I did leave it a little late in life, but regardless of age the instructors are very friendly and helpful. The training area is great because you have plenty of room so you don't feel uncomfortable and allows you space if you were to make a mistake. Really enjoyed the training and would highly recommend them as an excellent motorcycle training school. Many thanks. quote

Mark Parker


quoteI was very nervous when I first went to do my motorcycle training but was soon put at ease as nothing was too much and got all the help and assistance that I needed that led onto me completing my main bike test. The instructors were very friendly, with a lot of patience but also fun to be around so made learning an enjoyable experience. Thank you Motorcycle Academy.quote

Nicole Peters


nullquoteIn Sept 2007 I decided to bite the bullet and do something I always wanted to do, After reading about The Motorcycle Academy they were best for me. After a few days of 100% commitment I had the licence I always wanted all I can say is many thanks to The Academy 1st Class.quote

Richard Hodkinson


nullquoteI had never ridden a bike before I met the guys at Motorcycle Academy. There patients, guidance, encouragement & excellent tea making skills saw me through & after 5 days of training I couldn't believe I was the proud owner of a full motorcycle license. Thanks so much boys.quote

Dave T


nullquoteI didn’t know Darren before my DAS course, I’ve not been paid to write this and I’m not just writing it because I passed my test. I’m writing this because I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process. It took just 27 hours for Darren to take me from a total novice to a DAS success. Six hours for 4 days and a 3 hour pre-test-practice-warm-up-ride-thingy.

I started out day 1 at Thruxton Circuit practicing the Module 1 manoeuevres. I never once felt intimidated and nor was I patronised, if this is your primary fear then go get down to Motorcycle Academy, Darren takes all these fears away and reminds you that whilst riding is a very serious business, it is, like the bacon sarnies, to be enjoyed. Days 2,3,4 were out on the road doing Module 2 training, with more Module 1 training at the end of each day.

I felt protected throughout, Darren constantly rode to defend me from idiot road users. Using radio contact, his professionalism (with interjected humour/banter) guided me swiftly through years of his experience, which still echoes as I ride solo now.

The pre-test-practice-warm-up-ride-thingy left me more prepared and relaxed than I’ve been for any test/exam in my life. I passed first time. I’m proud to have been his pupil, will definitely stay in touch and urge you that if you are thinking about doing your DAS then give Darren a call, he’ll see you through.quote

Darren Jenkins


nullquoteMotorcycle academy teaches you how to ride your motorcycle for life, rather than just to pass the test. The friendly environment is a real bonus, with instructors who are happy to pass on their knowledge and experience of riding. So when I got my first bike, the first and subsequent rides were pleasurable not frightening experiences that I can still remember now. I changed my GS500 for a 1250 Bandit a year later, the confidence that they instilled is still there. Definitely a life changing experience.quote

Simon Davis


nullquoteI went to Motorcycle Academy on the recommendation from a couple of mates from my regiment that did their DAS courses there. The training, facilities, motorbikes & instructors are all without doubt second to none.

Oh! & as promised chaps, let me know when you're available & we'll take some Challengers on to the prairy for a play. Thanks again so much.quote

Gary Smith


nullquoteI only went along to Motorcycle Academy to do my CBT in order to get a 125 for cheap commuting. I had never ridden before & was very nervous so I couldn't believe when we returned from the road ride I was allowed to have a go around the training area on one of the 500cc test training motorbikes. I enjoyed the day so much I booked my full test & now ride a GS500 myself.

I don't think I could of found a better training establishment. The Academy instructors patients & professionalism was outstanding. Check these guys out.quote

Paul Jones


nullquoteFirstly, I think it's testament to Darren that he stills keeps in touch with ex-pupils, whom I observed coming to the circuit on the Sunday , proudly showing off their new bike purchases, This speaks volumes in my book.

I too have now been welcomed into the biking fraternity & have been instructed to join the Academy forum (must get around to doing that when I have a spare hour off of my bike).

In the past I have never felt the need to write a recommendation letter and have indeed scoffed at those who do. Why I have changed is that what I was given by Darren goes beyond the norm and should be commended. Darren is incredible friendly, knowledgeable and supportive. To this day I often still hear his voice in my right ear "lifesaver!!!, "turn off your indicator!!!!!").

The training was spot on and I have had over five years in the training business myself. Darren patiently converted me from my dubious riding techniques picked up from two years of bad riding on a scooter (boo hiss). His advice was always spot on, he called when he said he would, he saved me money and I passed with not even one minor fault.

Good luck with the continued success of your brilliant training school.quote

Malcolm Johnston

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