Routes to Riding Explained

So you're interested in riding a bike? Below is an explanation of what you can expect based on age. A valid UK/EU driving licence is required before taking any test. This can either be a full car licence or a provisional licence. Everything else you need can be supplied by us. 


Age 13 -16 Young Riders Club

An opportunity to ride a selection of our geared & automatic motorcycles in a controlled & safe environment. Height restrictions may apply. Find out more!

Age 16 - Compulsory Basic Training (C.B.T)

Riders are limited to a 50cc scooter or geared motorcycle. Find out more!


Age 17 - Compulsory Basic Training / A1 Accelerated Access.

Riders can now ride up to a 125cc machine. At 17 you can also take the A1 practical test for a licence, restricted in power to 11 kw.or 125cc.

Age19- A2 Accelerated Access

Riders can take a A2 practical test and then be able to ride a bike up to 35 kw.


Age 24 - Direct Access Scheme (DAS)

Riders who pass their Direct Access test on one of our 600cc motorbikes are then able to ride any size motorcycle unrestricted. Find out more!

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