Motorcycle Maintenance Course


So you can ride a bike but did you know we can also teach you how to look after your motorbike as well?

This course is not designed to turn you into a motorcycle mechanic nor is it designed to allow you to do complex servicing but it does give you the confidence and skill to undertake basic Motorcycle Essential Maintenance.

Basic motorcycle maintenance is essential if you want to avoid getting stranded and having to call out roadside rescue. You could also cut down on repair costs if you take some time out to get to know your way round your bike.


Checking your lights, tyres, chain and indicators on a regular basis is absolutely essential & our trained instructors will guide you through these checks as well as teach how to spot potentially dangerous faults.

The course duration is approximately 6 hours long & is carried out with us at Thruxton Circuit.

The course focuses on the following fundamentals:

  • Basic machine checks
  • Complete braking system
  • Checking and adjusting the chain
  • Suspension checks
  • Adjusting the levers and controls
  • Checking fluid & lubricant levels
  • Replacing fluids & lubricants
  • Electrics & light bulbs
  • Wheel & tyre checks
  • General lubrication
  • Nuts, bolts & fasteners

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