Advanced Motorcycle Training.

Your Advanced Training day starts with a chat with your instructor giving you the opportunity to discuss & highlight any concerns or weaknesses you feel you have with your riding.

Following a short assessment ride & debrief of your riding style, your instructor then gives a demonstration ride, with a running commentary throughout via intercom. During the early stages of the training he acts like your eyes & gives you guidance & advice over the radio as the ride progresses.

All aspects of advanced riding will be taught, such as observation, planning, position, braking, use of throttle, cornering & many other aspects that make a good advanced rider.

You will be guided through every stage of advanced riding techniques, pointing out all hazards & dangers, assessing the situation & planning your approach to deal with them, including the correct point to reduce speed, position to adopt, the gear you should be in & smooth use of the throttle to negotiate the danger.

Throughout the course your progress is constantly monitored & assessed & your average speed, particularly on bends, will improve considerably. You will be able to gauge your own progress & enjoyment as your skills improve during the ride.

Wet weather riding is a situation quite often dreaded by riders, confidence in the rain will increase considerably due to a smoother riding style & relaxed approach to the dangers of wet roads.

All problems will be addressed in depth until you are able to master the correct procedures, coordinate them & become a far safer rider.

You will be riding for 90% of the course - no time wasting like some schools. One to one instruction at all times to guarantee best results.

Quality digital radio system used to ensure clear concise tuition.

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